Here's a bit of information about myself. My name is Mary Carlson and I am a visual artist as well as someone who has for a long time enjoyed writing code for computers. In the late 60's I did computer coding where we had to use IBM punch cards to enter code in conjunction with a calculus class. In the early 80's when the first personal computer were coming out I wrote the accounting software for a law office in New York City.

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted a website and wrote one for myself ( I realized I really liked doing it and took a course at the School of Visual Arts (where I teach foundation sculpture) on databases and php coding.

I believe that websites are very important for visual artists today. Instead of sending out slides, we now have websites that people can go to. I believe that the website design should not interfer with the visual content of the client. The design should be simple and unintrusive.